Hardy Ultralite ASR Fly Reel

Hardy Ultralite ASR Fly Reel – Multi-Cassette System


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Product Description

New for 2017, the Hardy Ultralite ASR fly reel is the ultimate cassette system. No longer are extra spools needed when you want to change lines. As simple as a push of a button, the cassette disengages allowing you to snap a new one into place and get back to fishing. Floating to sink tip to single-hand spey, in seconds and all at your fingertips. Like all of the Ultralite series, the ASR in machined from bar stock 6061 aluminum and comes in a range of sizes to handle 4 weight to 11 weight. The cassettes are molded from high impact polycarbonate and feature a line ID system so you know which spool you are grabbing at a glance. It comes complete with a neoprene reel case and two spare cassettes with line ID modules. Ships Free!!

  • Bar stock 6061 main construction
  • High impact Composite spool
  • Unique ‘ASR’ spool system
  • Line ID system
  • Multi pad, colour coded 340 degree disc drag
  • Heavily ported lightweight design
  • Full size range
  • Supplied with two additional spare spools and case

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