Mystic M-Series Fly Rod


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Mystic takes a lot of pride in the excellence with which the M-series fly rods were crafted. With hi-tech material and careful weighting, this rod is designed to skillfully cast to a near fish or fling the fly to a distant fish with precision.

We have many variations of the Mystic M-Series available for purchase. 

Carefully review the table below to choose the model and features that you’re looking for.

M 273-2227'-3"MEDIUM
M 383-3338'-3"MEDIUM
M 3103-44310'-3"MEDIUM/FAST
M 493-2449'-3"MEDIUM/FAST
M 4103-44410'-3"MEDIUM/FAST
M 593-4459'-3"FAST
M 693-4469'-3"MEDIUM/FAST
M 6103-44610'3"MEDIUM/FAST
M 793-4479'-3"MEDIUM/FAST
M 7103-44710'-3"FAST
M 893-4489'-3"FAST
M 8103-44810'-3"FAST

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M 273-2, M 383-3, M 3103-4, M 493-2, M 4103-4, M 593-4, M 693-4, M 6103-4, M 793-4, M 7103-4, M 893-4, M 8103-4