Plan D Boat Articulated Box w/ Drying Pad
Plan D Boat 50/50 Articulated Fly Box with Drying Pad

Plan D Boat Articulated Box w/ Drying Pad – Articulated Problems Solved


Product Description

The Plan D Boat Articulated Fly Box w/ Drying Pad securely stores up to 56 articulated flies or Intruders without tangling or letting fly sections flop around. When you open this box, every fly is ready to go. No more untangling a mess while the fish are hitting. Plus, additional flies can be stored in the slots between the two hook sections. The patent pending design is a spey casters dream! There is a drying pad on the outside, making this a box that can do it all. Proudly made in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Available without Drying Pad -$2.00