Redington Path Combo Affordable Fly Fishing Outfit


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The Redington Path Combo is an affordable fly fishing outfit that’s perfect for beginners or relaxed anglers. The Path Combo includes a Path rod, Path reel (pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream® WF fly line), and black carrying case. The Path rod is a moderate-fast action rod that includes a lifetime warranty. Its easy to assemble and conveniently available in 2- or 4-piece models. The durable reel seat is made of anodized aluminum perfect for saltwater or freshwater. The saltwater models include a reel pre-spooled with RIO Saltwater® Floating Line.

Choose a Redington Path Combo Affordable Fly Fishing Outfit

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ModelLengthLine WeightOutfit LeaderReel
Path 480-28'0"49' 5xPath 4/5/6
Path 590-29'0"59' 5xPath 4/5/6
Path 690-29'0"69' 5xPath 4/5/6
Path 890-29'0"89' 1xPath 7/8/9
Path 990-29'0"99' 1xPath 7/8/9
ModelLengthLine WeightOutfit LeaderReel
Path 480-48'0"49' 5xPath 4/5/6
Path 486-48'6"59' 5xPath 4/5/6
Path 590-49'0"59' 5xPath 4/5/6
Path 690-49'0"69' 5xPath 4/5/6
Path 890-49'0"89' 1xPath 7/8/9
Path 990-49'0"99' 1xPath 7/8/9
Path 890-4 Saltwater9'0"89' 10#Path 7/8/9
Path 990-4 Saltwater9'0"99' 10#Path 7/8/9

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Path 480-2, Path 590-2, Path 690-2, Path 890-2, Path 990-2, Path 480-4, Path 586-4, Path 590-4, Path 690-4, Path 890-4, Path 990-4, Path 890-4 Saltwater, Path 990-4 Saltwater