Boron III TH Microspey


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Featuring advanced Boron III technology, all our two-handed rods are perfectly-balanced, powerful, lightweight and responsive. Our lineup includes three Microspey models designed for two-handed trout fishing as well as longer traditional Spey rods designed for steelhead and salmon. Whether you’re fishing a wet line or a dry line, with Traditional Spey, Skagit, Scandi or Switch lines, you’ll find these rods to be incredibly accurate and capable of casting long distances with ease. Our Boron III TH rods are ideal for any style of two-handed angling and can easily transition between Touch-and-Go, Underhand and Sustained Anchor techniques.

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10'6" 3wt (190-270gr), 11'0" 4wt (240-330gr), 11'6" 5wt (300-390gr)


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