ECHO Ion Reel


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ECHO Ion reels are excellent reels that cost less than $100. They have a hybrid design (cast in aluminum and then machined). This hybrid design allows ECHO to keep the cost down while providing the benefits on a fully-machined reel. The final coating of the Ion reels is a sharp, impact-resistant, matte black finish. It holds up well even in the toughest conditions.

There’s an Ion reel to to fit any rod. Six sizes are currently offered (starting with the 2/3 and ending with the 10/12). The ECHO Ion’s internal components are stainless steel, which means these reels are primarily designed for fresh water fishing. The Ion is versatile though, and can handle some saltwater fishing — you just need to clean and lubricate the reel after a day of salt exposure.

Note from the manufacturer:

For the three larger reels we offer an optional heavier drag knob made from solid brass. This knob (sold separately) adds 2.3 oz to the reel weight, helping the reel balance with the longest two-hand rods. $15.99

We have all of the ECHO Ion reels available for purchase. 

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ION23 Reel, ION23 X-Spool, ION45 Reel, ION45 X-Spool, ION67 Reel, ION67 X-Spool, ION79 Reel, ION79 X-Spool, ION810 Reel, ION810 X-Spool, ION1012 Reel, ION1012 X-Spool