Hodgman H5 Stocking Foot Wader


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The Hodgman H5 Stocking Foot Wader is built for scrambling up rocky, brushy banks so Hodgman put 5 layers in the legs and seat for durability with a 3 layer upper for increased breathability. The inner leg seam was eliminated from this high abrasion area and retained articulation in the knee for excellent mobility. Stitched for durability, these are made to last years.

The H5 features a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) coating to shed water from your wader. Microfleece- lined handwarmer pockets utilize YKK® water- resistant zippers, and a large capacity YKK® zip chest pocket is perfect for storage.

Comfort is key for long days wade fishing, so Hodgman uses anatomically correct left and right booties with the Hodgman print design for a custom fit. Each stocking foot bootie utilizes 5mm thick neoprene to keep your feet warmer in cold water. Additionally our Comfort Fit Gravel Guard design eliminates a bulky and uncomfortable connection point at the top of the booties.

Compatible with CoreINS removable insulation system (sold separately) so you can be comfortable in both warmer and colder weather.

Men’s Chest Stockingfoot Wader Fit Guide

Size Shoe Size Inseam Range* Chest** Weight Range (lb) Height Range
S 6-9 28″-30″ 36″-40″ 120-160 5’5″-5’8″
M 8-10 30″-32″ 38″-41″ 140-180 5’7″-5’11”
M-TALL 10-12 32″-34″ 38″-41″ 150-190 5’10”-6’1″
M-KING 8-10 30″-32″ 41″-45″ 165-205 5’7″-5-11″
L 10-12 31″-33″ 42″-45″ 170-220 5’10”-6’2″
L-TALL 11-13 34″-36″ 42″-45″ 180-235 6’1″-6’4″
L-KING 10-12 31″-33″ 45″-48″ 200-250 5’10”-6’2″
XL 11-13 32″-34″ 46″-48″ 200-250 6’0″-6’4″
XL-TALL 12-14 34″-37″ 46″-48″ 210-260 6’3″+
XL-KING 11-13 32″-34″ 49″-51″ 235-290 6’0″-6’4″
2XL 12-14 33″-35″ 50″-52″ 235-300 6’0″-6’6″
2XL-TALL 12-15 35″-38″ 50″-52″ 235-300+ 6’4″+
2XL-KING 12-14 33″-35″ 52-54″ 250+ 6’0″-6’6″

* Measure crotch to floor

** Largest measurement chest, waist or hips.

Measurements refer to body size, not garment dimensions and provide a guide that fits most body styles.

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H5 Stocking Foot Small Regular, H5 Stocking Foot Medium Regular, H5 Stocking Foot Large Regular, H5 Stocking Foot X-Large Regular, H5 Stocking Foot XX-Large Regular, H5 Stocking Foot Medium King, H5 Stocking Foot Large King, H5 Stocking Foot X-Large King, H5 Stocking Foot XX-Large King, H5 Stocking Foot Medium Tall, H5 Stocking Foot Large Tall, H5 Stocking Foot X-Large Tall, H5 Stocking Foot XX-Large Tall