Mystic Reaper Fly Rods


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Mystic has designed the Reaper series to perform as well as costly, elite fast-action rods for a fraction of the price. This rod has an ultra flexible tip, yet powerful through the middle and base of the blank. Available in a range of line sizes to properly handle smaller river fish like brook trout or bigger fish like pike and muskie. The Reaper series also has several models for saltwater fly fishing.

All Reaper Models On Sale! $199!!

R 380-4438'FAST
R 490-4449'FAST
R 590-4459'FAST
R 690-4469'FAST
R 790-4479'FAST
R 7100-44710'FAST
R 890-4489'FAST
R 8100-44810'FAST
R 1090-44109'FAST

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R 380-4, R 490-4, R 590-4, R 690-4, R 790-4, R 7100-4, R 890-4, R 8100-4, R 1090-4