Mystic Switch Fly Rod


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The Mystic Switch fly rod is versatile rods that can cast one-handed or two-handed. These fly rods were optimally designed to maximize casting distance. Carefully crafted with a strong, durable core, Mystic’s M-Switch rods are more than able to withstand the unique intensity of a two-handed cast and will serve you well as you pursue steelhead and salmon.

We have several Mystic Switch Fly Rods available for purchase. 

M 3113-44311'-3"MEDIUM/FAST
M 4113-44411'-3"MEDIUM/FAST
M 5113-44511' 3"MEDIUM-FAST
M 7113-44711' 3"MEDIUM-FAST
M 8113-44811' 3"MEDIUM-FAST

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M 3113-4, M 4113-4, M 5113-4, M 7113-4, M 8113-4