Nautilus CCF-X2 Fly Reel


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New to the Nautilus line-up is the Nautilus CCFX2, featuring an award winning drag system. This brake system is both strong and light, with less than 1% startup inertia and twice the drag strength of the previous CCF. The InfinAdjust drag control system enables you to attain your ideal drag tension (0-20+lbs) with just a few turns of the oversized drag knob. The Nautilus CCFX2 is fully sealed with Activseal technology to keep out contaminants. Other features that make this reel excel in performance include its hybrid ceramic bearings, TPX bushings, unique grooves that allow the backing to dry fast, and Laser-ID that provides space for important information to be written on the spool instead of relying on stickers that can peel off or fade.

The Silver King is a simple and effective solution for Spey anglers. Four small rings, called Speyrings, easily snap on the frame in specific locations and hold the spool extremely close to the frame. No more worrying about line slipping out or purchasing an expensive new setup just for Spey trips.

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No. 6/8WF-8+175 yds #207.6 0z.
No. 8/10WF-10+200 yds #308.6 0z.
No. 10/12WF-12+250 yds #308.9 0z.
Silver KingWF-12+250 yds #309.1 0z.

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X2 6/8 Reel, X2 6/8 Spool, X2 8/10 Reel, X2 8/10 Spool, X2 10/12 Reel, X2 10/12 Spool, X2 SILVER KING Reel, X2 SILVER KING Spool