Nautilus NV Spey Fly Reel


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The Nautilus NV Spey Fly Reel has been strategically designed to please Spey and two-handed anglers, weighing just enough to perfectly balance a 12 to 15 foot rod. The Giga Spool design ensures fast line retrieval and minimal line memory, features necessary for long casts. The award-winning CCF Brake system is crafted with ceramic bearings, delivers larger drag, and implements ActivSeal technology which continuously repels contaminants. The practical Laser-ID feature provides space for important information to be written on the spool, instead of relying on stickers that can peel off or fade.

Model names reflect the recommended range of grain weights for line heads that will comfortably fit, allowing at least 150 yards of 30 lb. backing.

CCF Brake with larger drag, ceramic bearings.
Giga arbor, the big game über-arbor.
Perpetually repels game über-arbor. contaminants from
braking system
 Write the line weight on the spool.
Wrap your line or hang your fly on it.

South River Fly Shop — Nautilus Reel dealers — has all of the Nautilus NV Spey Fly Reels available for purchase. 

NV Spey 400-550400-550 grain heads or 7/8/9 Spey Lines4.25"8.1 0z.
NV Spey 450-750450-750 grain heads or 9/10/11 Spey Lines4.5"9.1 0z.


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NV SPEY 400-550 Black Reel, NV SPEY 400-550 Silver Reel, NV SPEY 400-550 Black Spool, NV SPEY 400-550 Silver Spool, NV SPEY 450-750 Black Reel, NV SPEY 450-750 Silver Reel, NV SPEY 450-750 Black Spool, NV SPEY 450-750 Silver Spool