OPST Commando Tips – NEW!!


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The new OPST Commando Tips are designed to complete your Pure Skagit system. Not every situation requires the same amount of sink, so OPST has developed a tip system in 3 grain weight ranges. The Riffle is is for shallow water or slower current. The Run takes the sink rate up a bit for places where the water is deeper or the current is faster. The Bucket Tips are for the deepest and fastest waters that most anglers pass by since they can’t present a fly down to the fish. These tips are 12 feet long to prevent blown anchors and enhance the water’s “grip”, making for a more effective cast. In three weight ranges, they work with any Skagit head system.

Those familiar with MOW tips will be able to choose from three different grain weights: 96 grain, 132 grain and 168 grain, (T8, T11 and T14 grains per foot) for use on 2 weight switch rods up to 9 weight two handers.

You will notice that the designations are S2/3, S5/6, etc- meaning the back half of the line is a Type 2 (2 inches per second), and the front half is a Type 3 (3 inches per second). This produces a straighter sink to the fly and reduces the belly effect that occurs in level sink tips. Here are the specifications:

96 Grain, 12 foot (T8): 132 grain, 12 foot (T11): 168 Grain, 12 foot (T14):
Rod Size: 2-6 Rod Size: 5-8 Rod Size: 7-10
Color: Yellow Color: Light Blue Color: Tan
Riffle: S2/3 Riffle: S2/3 Riffle: S2/3
Run: S3/4 Run: S5/6 Run: S5/6
Bucket: S5/6 Bucket: S8/9 Bucket: S8/9

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12' 96gr. Riffle – S2/3, 12' 96gr. Run – S5/6, 12' 96gr. Bucket – S8/9, 12' 132gr. Riffle – S2/3, 12' 132gr. Run – S5/6, 12' 132gr. Bucket – S8/9, 12' 168gr. Riffle – S2/3, 12' 168gr. Run – S5/6, 12' 168gr. Bucket – S8/9