Rock Treads Fry Kit – Aluminum Traction System




Aluminum Traction works for any environment where you are walking on wet rocky environments. Originated for Fly Fishing in mind, Rock Treads work on all sorts of surfaces where people need good traction.  Aluminum molds to the rocky surface with each step made, providing unreal traction on a microscopic level even.  


Rock Treads are ideal for fly fishing, spelunking, mining, stream restoration, fishing from banks of rivers and lakes, environmental engineering- ANYWHERE you are wading at some point and are concerned about traction.


For boots with soft rubber bottom boots, we recommend adding a little glue on each screw just before you screw them into your shoe.


Gorilla Glue, Super Glue and AquaSeal by Gear Aid work best!  Our custom screw with a little glue will hold your discs in for a long time on rubber bottomed boots.  See our installation instructions for more information.  No need for glue, unless you want to, on felt bottoms, wading boots with removable inserts (screw it all the way through the insert) or shoes/boots with solid hard rubber bottoms, but it doesn’t hurt.


100% made and crafted in the USA and US Patent Pending.