Thomas & Thomas Aeros Medium Action Fly Rod


Please note: These rods will be available October 1, but you can pre-order with us now. If you are interested in shipping outside of the continental United States, do not purchase your item here. Instead, send us an email or call 540-942-5566 so we can get you an accurate shipping quote.



The Thomas & Thomas Aeros Medium Action Fly Rod is a beautiful, classic rod. The Aeros series is crafted for dry fly presentation, sure to please anglers who desire accuracy and finesse.


  • Moss green blank
  • Bright milled aluminum
  • Up-locking reel seat
  • Spalted maple spacer
  • Fuji stripping guide
  • Universal Snake Brand guides
  • Bronze wraps with silver edging

We have several Aeros models available for purchase. 

Consult the table below to choose the model and features that you’re looking for.

Aeros 803-44Medium +8' 0"#3
Aeros 804-44Medium +8' 0"#4
Aeros 805-44Medium +8' 0"#5
Aeros 863-44Medium +8' 6"#3
Aeros 864-44Medium +8' 6"#4
Aeros 865-44Medium +8' 6"#5
Aeros 903-44Medium +9' 0"#3
Aeros 904-44Medium +9' 0"#4
Aeros 905-44Medium +9' 0"#5

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Aeros 803-4, Aeros 804-4, Aeros 805-4, Aeros 863-4, Aeros 864-4, Aeros 865-4, Aeros 903-4, Aeros 904-4, Aeros 905-4