Thomas & Thomas SOLAR Saltwater Fly Rod

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NEW FOR 2015 – The SOLAR color has changed from Grey to Blue. The main product picture features the new blue rod, but all other product photos feature the grey.



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The Thomas & Thomas SOLAR saltwater fly rod series is designed for fast action in saltwater. Years of research went into developing this powerful but, most importantly, accurate rod. Though it has the strength to cast further, the SOLAR series has been optimized to perform at a distance of 45 to 65 feet. Experts have found this to be the ideal range for precision and visibility.

We have several SOLAR models available for purchase. 

Consult the table below to choose the model and features that you’re looking for.

SOLAR ModelPiecesActionLengthLine Type
SOLAR 906-44Fast9'0"#6
SOLAR 907-44Fast9'0"#7
SOLAR 908-44Fast9'0"#8
SOLAR 909-44Fast9'0"#9
SOLAR 910-44Fast9'0"#10
SOLAR 911-44Fast9'0"#11
SOLAR 912-44Fast9'0"#12

Rod blanks are also available. Contact SRFS for pricing.


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SOLAR 906-4 Rod, SOLAR 907-4 Rod, SOLAR 908-4 Rod, SOLAR 909-4 Rod, SOLAR 910-4 Rod, SOLAR 911-4 Rod, SOLAR 912-4 Rod