Thomas & Thomas Spire Fast Action Fly Rod

$815.00 $400.00

Please note: These rods will be available October 1, but you can pre-order with us now. If you are interested in shipping outside of the continental United States, do not purchase your item here. Instead, send us an email or call 540-942-5566 so we can get you an accurate shipping quote.



FINAL REDUCTION! All In Stock T&T Spire Rods Are $400!


Introducing the Thomas & Thomas Spire Fast Action Fly Rod. With its quick-dampening blank and responsive tip, this fast action rod is constructed with versatility in mind. Perfect for the angler who needs one rod that can adapt to the conditions and handle a variety of casting techniques.


  • Classic Thomas & Thomas blue blank
  • Western or full wells grip
  • Gunmetal milled aluminum
  • Up-locking reel seat
  • Burled black ash spacer
  • Fuji stripping guides
  • Universal Snake band guides
  • Blue wraps with silver edging

We have several Spire models available for purchase. 

Consult the table below to choose the model and features that you’re looking for.

Spire 763-44Fast7' 6"#3
Spire 764-44Fast7' 6"#4
Spire 765-44Fast7' 6"#5
Spire 833-44Fast8' 3"#3
Spire 834-44Fast8' 3"#4
Spire 835-44Fast8' 3"#5
Spire 893-44Fast8' 9"#3
Spire 894-44Fast8' 9"#4
Spire 895-44Fast8' 9"#5
Spire 905-44Fast9' 0"#5
Spire 906-44Fast9' 0"#6
Spire 966-44Fast9' 6"#6
Spire 967-44Fast9' 6"#7
Spire 968-44Fast9' 6"#8
Spire 1004-44Fast10' 0"#4
Spire 1005-44Fast10' 0"#5
Spire 1006-44Fast10' 0"#6
Spire 1007-44Fast10' 0"#7
Spire 1008-44Fast10' 0"#8

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Spire 763-4, Spire 764-4, Spire 765-4, Spire 833-4, Spire 834-4, Spire 835-4, Spire 893-4, Spire 894-4, Spire 895-4, Spire 905-4, Spire 906-4, Spire 966-4, Spire 967-4, Spire 968-4, Spire 1004-4, Spire 1005-4, Spire 1006-4, Spire 1007-4, Spire 1008-4