The Story

South River Fly Shop Photo

South River Fly Shop co-owners Tommy Lawhorne and Kevin Little met while fly fishing the South River in downtown Waynesboro in 2001. Over the following 10 years they dreamed of opening a fly shop on Main Street and had many long conversations about just what they wanted the store to be. Tommy and Kevin wanted a comfortable atmosphere with products and services that focused on fly fishing. In their opinion, too many fly shops had become high end clothing stores and did not have the items that fly fishers and fly tiers needed. The South River Fly Shop is the culmination of that dream. A fly shop with a country store atmosphere and gear to suit every level of interest in fly fishing and fly tying.


Tommy Lawhorne

Tommy Lawhorne grew up in nearby Nelson County and moved to Waynesboro in 1992. He grew up fishing Stony Creek, Tye River, Rockfish River, and the Moormans River. He began guiding and teaching fly fishing and fly tying in 1990 while working at Stoney Creek Tackle Company at Wintergreen and then later for Hassett’s Outdoors in Waynesboro. Tommy has spent over 20 years learning the trout and smallmouth bass waters of Virginia and loves to share that knowledge with other fly fishers.

Kevin Little

Kevin Little grew up near Huntington, West Virginia and began fly fishing with his uncle as a young boy.  He has guided from Maine to Florida to Alaska. His favorite fly fishing is to chase Southern Brook Trout in the headwater streams of Virginia. Kevin is also a bamboo fly rod maker with a great love for the history of fly fishing and classic fly fishing gear.