Nautilus NV-G Fly Reel


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The performance of the Nautilus NV-G speaks for itself. Anglers will appreciate its award-winning NV CCF Disc Braking System, constructed with ceramic bearings and proven to deliver larger drag. The Giga Spool design picks up line fast, reduces the reel’s weight, and minimizes line coiling. Strategically machined, the backing appears to float above the arbor. This space under the backing allows the Nautilus NV-G to dry 14 times faster than traditional reels.

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NV G-5/6WF-5+125 yds #205.1 0z.
NV G-6/7WF-6+150 yds #205.7 0z.
NV G-7/8WF-7+225 yds #206.6 0z.
NV G-8/9WF-8+225 yds #307.2 0z.
NV G-9/10WF-9+225 yds #308.3 0z.
NV MONSTERWF-12+325 yds #309.9 0z.
NV MONSTER G-10/11WF-10+225 yds #309.9 0z.


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NV G-5/6 Black Reel, NV G-5/6 Silver Reel, NV G-5/6 Black Spool, NV G-5/6 Silver Spool, NV G-6/7 Black Reel, NV G-6/7 Silver Reel, NV G-6/7 Black Spool, NV G-6/7 Silver Spool, NV G-7/8 Black Reel, NV G-7/8 Silver Reel, NV G-7/8 Black Spool, NV G-7/8 Silver Spool, NV G-8/9 Black Reel, NV G-8/9 Silver Reel, NV G-8/9 Black Spool, NV G-8/9 Silver Spool, NV G-9/10 Black Reel, NV G-9/10 Silver Reel, NV G-9/10 Black Spool, NV G-9/10 Silver Spool, NV MONSTER Black Reel, NV MONSTER Silver Reel, NV MONSTER Black Spool, NV MONSTER Silver Spool, NV MONSTER G-10/11 Black Reel, NV MONSTER G-10/11 Silver Reel, NV MONSTER G-10/11 Black Spool, NV MONSTER G-10/11 Silver Spool