Galvan Torque Tournament Fly Reel


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The Galvan Torque Tournament Fly Reel is prized for it’s size, strength, and particularly fast line retrieval rate. This reel has set the standard for big game saltwater fly-fishing. Strategically designed, it’s large, easy-to-grip handle provides the angler more leverage for bringing in big fish like Marlin and Tuna. This durable reel will perform in the salty conditions inherent with ocean fly-fishing without corroding.

We have all of the Galvan Torque Tournament Fly Reels available for purchase. 

Model & DiameterSpool WidthWeight(oz.)Line WeightsLine CapacityYards Micron Backing(Lbs.) Micron Backing
T-14 (5.0)1.35"11.32-3Billfish Taper500 yd50 lb Gel Spun
T-16 (5.5)1.35"11.64-5Billfish Taper500 yd50 lb Gel Spun
T-18 (6.0)1.35"12.05-6Billfish Taper500 yd50 lb Gel Spun

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Model Number and Color

T-14 Clear, T-14 Blue, T-14 Black, T-16 Clear, T-16 Blue, T-16 Black, T-18 Clear, T-18 Blue, T-18 Black