Galvan Rush Light Fly Reel


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The Galvan Rush Light Fly Reel is known for being both durable and reliable. This rugged reel will outperform the water, rain and salt. The Rush Light’s design includes modifications based on angler feedback, resulting in a high-quality rod that is sure to please. The Rush Light features Galvan’s smooth and reliable Torque drag system. A subtle click can be heard when line is both let out and retrieved, allowing the angler to feel in control and aware of any adjustments that may be needed. Utilizing thermoplastic and carbon fiber disc drag, this system is smooth, self-lubricating and maintenance free.

We have all of the Galvan Rush Light Fly Reels available for purchase. 

Model & DiameterSpool WidthWeight(oz.)Line WeightsLine CapacityYards Micron Backing(Lbs.) Micron Backing
R- 3 LT (3.0).85″4.52-3WF-2-F / WF-3-F75 yd / 50 yd20 lb
R- 4 LT (3.25).85″4.84-5WF-4-F / WF-5-F100 yd / 75 yd20 lb
R- 5 LT (3.5).90″5.25-6WF-5-F / WF-6-F125 yd / 100 yd20 lb
R- 6 LT (3.75).95″5.56-7WF-6-F / WF-7-F150 yd / 125 yd20 lb
R- 8 LT (4.0)1.25″8.18WF-8-F200 yd20 lb
R-10 LT(4.25)1.35″8.810WF-10-F250 yd30 lb
R-12 LT(4.5)1.35″9.212WF-12-F300 yd30 lb

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Model Number and Color

R-3 LT Clear, R-3 LT Black, R-3 LT Green, R-4 LT Clear, R-4 LT Black, R-4 LT Green, R-5 LT Clear, R-5 LT Black, R-5 LT Green, R-6 LT Clear, R-6 LT Black, R-6 LT Green, R-8 LT Clear, R-8 LT Black, R-8 LT Green, R-10 LT Clear, R-10 LT Black, R-10 LT Green, R-12 LT Clear, R-12 LT Black, R-12 LT Green, R-3 LT Blue, R-3 LT Burnt Orange, R-4 LT Blue, R-4 LT Burnt Orange, R-5 LT Blue, R-5 Burnt Orange, R-6 LT Blue, R-6 LT Burnt Orange, R-8 LT Blue, R-8 LT Burnt Orange, R-10 LT Blue, R-10 LT Burnt Orange, R-12 LT Blue, R-12 LT Burnt Orange