Echo Fiberglass Press Release

Echo Glass Fly Rods
The time had come, we could no longer hold Tim back from another project he’s wanted in the offering for quite some time.   

Chances are, if your over 50 you probably started with a fiberglass rod, Tim did with both  his fishing and casting competition rods.  Thus his desire to bring back that soulful action only fiberglass creates.  Working on the Echo Glass project allowed Tim to pull from his large sack of graphite tricks and apply some of them to fiberglass possibilities.  Every part of the cast is translated into your hand.  They’re all about giving you the feedback missing from stiff graphite actions, with deep loads and a smooth recovery that transmits from tip to hand.  Nothing feels or fishes like fiberglass and nothing feels or fishes like an Echo Glass…   Tim’s very happy!

ECHO Glass rods feature:

  • Extra select grade cork handles
  • Cork insert down locking reel seat
  • Golden Carmel colored fiberglass blank
  • Dark olive guide wraps and accents
  • Ultra light chrome snake guides
  • Alignment dots for easy assembly
  • SIC stripper guides
  • Cloth rod sock and Cordura covered rod tube
  • Echo Lifetime Warranty


6′ 3″ 2 3 2.3 oz. Glass M-Fast $199.99
6′ 9″ 3 3 2.6 oz. Glass M-Fast $199.99
7′ 4″  4 3 3.0 oz. Glass M-Fast $199.99
 7′ 10″ 5 3 3.5 oz. Glass M-Fast $199.99
  Available January 2014